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Federal Republic of Elizio
Federacia Respubliko de Elizio
Motto"Noli Me Calcare" (Latin)
Don't Tread on Me
Anthem"Elizio the Beautiful"
Official languages English, Esperanto
Recognised national languages English, Esperanto, Spanish, Yucateco
Demonym Elizian
Government Federal constitutional republic
 -  President Jesse Lane
Legislature Federal Council
Independence from the United States
 -  Declared August 19, 2012  
 -  Recognized February 14, 2013  

Elizio, officially the Federal Republic of Elizio (Esperanto: Federacia Respubliko de Elizio), is a nation in the New California Republic. It was founded in 2013 by disaffected veterans after seven of the western United States seceded the year before.

2012 political crisis and secession

As the presidential election of 2012 loomed, news broke that the Republican Party intended to prevent Democratic and independent voters from casting ballots. The party's candidate, with the support of extremist Republicans, declared those who would have been affected to be "of questionable morals, education and social standing," and as such could not be trusted to participate in the democratic process. In reaction, armed mobs nationwide besieged state GOP offices and Fox News stations. Their political opponents retaliated, and the President declared martial law.

In California, a group of citizens led by former gubernatorial candidate Zoë Crenshaw announced they were fed up with the divisiveness and hypocrisy of both major parties and took over the state Capitol. With Crenshaw as acting Governor, California seceded. The states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona followed suit. National Guard and regular military units in these states either joined the secessionists or stood down, so the President sent in the 82nd Airborne and 1st Marine divisions for a decapitation strike against secessionist leadership. After a month of heavy urban and rural combat, and facing widespread support for the secessionist cause at home, the President reluctantly ordered a withdrawal.

Rebuilding and riots

Crenshaw and the other governors set up a provisional government and appointed Army Colonel Garth Lambert as President (Lambert would later joke that the job at that time amounted to being a "glorified pit boss"). Once a basic federal government was established, work began on repairing damage from the fighting.